Amplifying nature

Corn that uses less water and yields more grain. Wheat that requires a smaller amount of fertilizer. Tomatoes that produce more fruit per acre. This is the future of agriculture that Sound is working to build. Our field proven technologies can increase crop yield, decrease fertilizer needs, and improve drought stress. We amplify the plant’s ability to thrive.

The Sound platform: enabling weather resilient crops

Current crop yields fall short of their potential. The yield gap is due to factors such as water limitation, nutrient availability, heat, cold, and the limits of plant physiology. Our discovery platform combines molecular biology, plant phenotyping, and deep learning to rapidly identify and optimize new technologies to address these barriers. Our platform offers limitless possibilities.

About us

Sound was founded in 2013 to drive a step change in the sustainability of agriculture. Our team is made up of the most dedicated and creative professionals in the industry. Our venture investors and commercial partners include some of the biggest names in global agriculture. Located in Emeryville, California, we are expanding our research, development and commercialization teams to build upon our progress and get ready to launch revolutionary products. If you are ready to build the future with us, explore our open opportunities.

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