Unlocking the Potential in the Soil


Soil holds the innate ability to provide for the plant. Every season, extra bushels are left in the field because current tools are unable to access the soil’s full potential. Our breakthrough scientific discoveries are changing the game. Source™ leverages the power of the soil by activating beneficial microbes to unlock existing nitrogen and phosphorus, allowing the plant to better utilize these vital nutrients.


Source™ reduces the reliance on nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer applications and provides a more economical, sustainable, and environmentally sound solution for crop productivity.


Offers Easy

Increases Plant
Available Nutrients

Stimulates Soil
Microbial Activity


Backed by in-depth science

Provides robust and reliable results in the field year after year. Unique and deeply understood mode of action.

Easy to use

Allows for seamless integration. Shelf-stable foliar spray compatible with most tank mixtures. Apply post-emergence or at tassel.

Stimulates existing soil microbes

Offers a safe and stable way to enable the soil environment to work harder for the plant.

Increased yield

Increases yield an average of 9.6 bushels per acre with an 88% win rate (in target conditions <240 bu/acre, 200 lbs N, 100 lb P).

Positive return on investment

Enhances yield gain and reduces nutrient leaching.


Plants need nitrogen and phosphorus to grow. Although both nutrients are naturally available in the environment, a large portion can’t be used by plants. Here’s why:


Atmospheric nitrogen makes up 80% of the air we breathe, but plants cannot use nitrogen in this form. Certain soil bacteria can fix nitrogen, capturing the nitrogen gas in the atmosphere and turning it into a plant available form (ammonia). These nitrogen fixing bacteria are familiar to those who grow soybeans – the nodules on soy roots are home to millions of them. Nitrogen fixing bacteria also live outside of nodules in the soil of virtually every field. In modern cropping systems, these bacteria do not usually provide plant available nitrogen to crops.


Phosphorus is also present in soil, but much of it is locked up and not available to the crop during the growing season. When we apply phosphate fertilizer, a large amount is absorbed into the soil particles. The action of soil microbes slowly releases phosphate from the soil for use by the crop. Since the process is so slow, a significant amount of the phosphate is left unused.


The soil has great potential to provide nutrients for crops, but current approaches don’t allow for that potential to be realized. That’s where Source™ comes in. By enabling the soil to create nitrogen from the atmosphere and unlock the existing phosphorus in the soil, Source™ gives the plant access to naturally available, but previously unusable, vital nutrients.




Source™ was developed based on a deep understanding of the relationship between crops and soil microbes. When applied to a plant, it moves down to the roots where it enters the soil and begins influencing the conversation between the plant and soil microbes. By stimulating the right microbes, Source™ is able to tell them to do one of two things: turn on the nitrogen fixing process or accelerate the unlocking of phosphorus in the soil.


This process releases more of the naturally available nutrients, helping plants thrive while allowing farmers to scale back on fertilizer.


2019 Source™ Trial Results

Coming soon! Check back in December 2019.